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online "garage rock" radio station
they play a wide variety of stuff, some of it's pretty cool.......
butterflies of love
our drummer's other band's label site. melodic and moody. another label with no interest in signing the ribeyes.......
Buy The CD Here!!
Lord Sterling Site
we share a handsome bass player with them...
mr. show
funny shit
neil's site
not only a great drummer, but a great painter too!
Push Button Gadget, Inc.
Whether it's a website, a national media publication or a sales prospectus, PBG's trained eye and unique artistic vision distills your message to a moment in time and preserves it in a way that will make you proud.
some guy
more funny shit
soundtrack of our lives
the best band in the last 10 years, easy
SRS Photography
she takes purty pitchers
Stingray Internet Communications
Web Site Development and Hosting
the one and only tube bar tapes
this is hee-fuckin-larious stuff
The Pitch Black Heart Attacks
the mighty, the devestating, the one and only PBHA's. Go see a live show before Zack decides to withdraw into his dark and strange world forever...
the raymond and peter (a.k.a. shut up little man) tapes. more hilarity. you must own this.
one gay man, one homophobe, one vietnam vet drifter, and a lifetime of alchoholism add up to make this one of the funniest and most disturbing "voyeur" tapes ever released.

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